The problem when you have too many beers...
Final Version 60 sec.
My work in this project was to achieve the system in which the 2d pixel art animation became the shading of the 3d caps, also the 3d caps animations have to be organic enough to mimic the stop-motion feel, and the number of caps has to be huge but small enough to be real in scale.
Animation tests
Color and Shading styleframes
Gap Studies
Real scale  1:1 studies and pixel definition tests.
Paula Moura 
Lautaro Brunatti 
Creative Director 
Antonio Balseiro 
Line Producer 
Agustina Santkovsky 
Creative Development 
Agusta Timotea 
Sebastian Goldberg 
Flora Cammilleri  
Post Production Coordinator 
Agustina Santkovsky 
Art Director 
Nano Benayon 
Stop Motion Animator 
Pablo Kondratas
Tomas Murphy 
2D Animators 
Julieta Soloaga 
Ivan Greco 
Juan Huarte 
Pablo Brancatella 
Gaston Duranovich 
Alex Levinton 
Composite Artist 
Lucas Carracedo 
Ezequiel Cesana
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