Blood fluids for the Open Titles of the horror film "The Strangers".

Final Piece.
Styleframes Beauty-Look.
First Styleframes.
Breakdown Tutorial in 7 easy steps.
#1. Put some white oil paint on black ink water and stir. Make a footage video. 
#2. Edit the video to get a decent Luma footage.
#3. Composite different Luma footages until you are happy with the result.
#4. In your favorite 3d Software, make a nice subdivided plane, set a camera right in front of the plane and iluminate the scene.
#5. Make a good looking displacement shader with the Lumas.
#6. Render the scene.
#7. Add details and color in your composite software.
Production HUESO
EP Santiago Monacalvo
Art Director Gianluca Fallone
3d Artist Pablo Brancatella
Text Animation Javier Bianchi
Thank You!
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